Are You Struggling With Cooked Food Cravings?

“New Raw Food Diet Breakthrough Gives You the Radiant Health Benefits Without the Constant Cravings for Cooked Food”

From the desk of Roger Haeske
The 47-Year Old Teanajer
Raw Food & Fitness Mentor to Thousands
100% Raw for Over 13.5 Years
South of Bullhead City

If you'd like to get these Raw Food Diet Benefits...

  • increased energy
  • radiant health into your senior years
  • happiness from the cellular level (beat depression naturally)
  • mental sharpness (no more brain fog)
  • slim and sexy body
  • glowing youthful look
  • while saving thousands of dollars on medical expenses

    ...but you're absolutely sick and tired of being stuck eating fruit and salads all day long and having massive cooked food cravings as a result -- then I've got some super exciting news for you.
The 47 Year Old Teanjer" Roger Haeske: 100% Raw Foodist for 13.5 Years and Leading Raw Food Diet authority and coach. "Creator of Savory Veggie Stews, Yummy Greens, Think and Go Raw, How To Go Raw and a Whole LOT More

Here's Why:

Three years ago while at a health food store in Hawaii, I stumbled upon an exciting new breakthrough in the Raw Food Diet that allows you to beat cooked food cravings by adding delicious, hearty and filling Savory Raw Carbs to your diet.

This is the missing element of success in the Raw Food Diet.

And this lack of hearty and savory carbohydrates is one of the main reasons it's so hard for people to beat cooked food cravings.

Finally there's a second way to get your raw carbs (the major source of calories on a high carb or "low fat" Raw Food Diet) not just sweet fruit.

And you can stop eating mounds of fruit at dinnertime hoping to fill yourself up on the never ending sweet train. Because these carbs are savory (or salty and hearty like you'd expect a dinnertime meal to be) and not sweet.

Sweet is great but not as the main basis for every meal. You've got to have a broad assortment of savory foods otherwise you'll quickly get unbalanced and crave cooked food like a Mo-Fo.

Plus Savory Raw Carbs are much more filling, heavy and satisfying than eating fruit.

You'll be easily able to go four hours between meals without even thinking of eating.

And they provide many of the missing nutrients in the Raw Food Diet that you can't get from just eating fruits, greens and limited quantities of fatty foods like nuts and seeds.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons I can back up what I claim:

Reason one: I've been a 100% raw foodist for over 13.5 years. I have faced a whole gauntlet of raw food problems and over time have solved them all.

These are problems that weren't caused by the Raw Food Diet itself but by  improperly taught methods of going raw.

Basically the old way of going raw caused massive cooked food cravings and eventual nutrient deficiencies in a high percentage of the people who tried to stick with it long term.

Reason two: I've been mentoring, coaching and helping people to go raw for 13 years now and so I have A LOT of experience with all sorts of different problems the typical new raw foodist faces.

And I've seen hundreds of problems new and experienced raw foodistst face.

And I've seen those problems many times over.

For several years I actively attended raw food support group meetings in New York City and New Jersey. Later on I co-founded our own support group in Manhattan and New Brunswick, New Jersey that focused on supporting people to go 100% raw not just partially raw.

Later on I branched out on my own and formed There I coached hundreds of people to go raw.

And I also do telephone, Skype and email coaching.

I also have lived with quite a few raw foodists. From my own family to friends who'd come and stay with us for a couple of days, a week and up to several months at a time.

And I have family members who have severe food senstivities (which limits the kinds of raw foods they can eat) and still they stay mostly raw.

So I have a level of knowledge and experience that the 3 to 5 to 8 year raw food coach can't possibly have.

Plus I know hundreds of low fat raw foodists. I had lots of experience with a big community of them when we lived in Hawaii. Thanks to us forming lots of relationships with them I've seen many of the common problems that low fat raw foodists face.

Luckily even when I lived in Hawaii and long before that I was already doing my own thing and not becoming malnourished like the typical person who goes low fat raw.

The key is that I used common sense.

If something didn't work I made adjustments. I didn't treat going raw as some kind of religion that must be perfect and therefore unchangeable.

And unlike most raw foodists I ate a LOT of greens and that helped me a LOT.

My world famous Savory Veggie Stews made that easy for me to pig out on greens because instead of tasting like salads they were SAVORY. And the lack of savory foods in low fat raw is a big problem.

Reason three: I also know many of the "top" raw gurus personally and unfortunately I know about their ommissions of IMPORTANT INFORMATION, lies and why their programs are nutritionally flawed.

Honestly, I've been totally shocked at the level of dishonesty from some these teachers. These were people I put my trust in and later realized they did not deserve that trust because they were highly unethical. Even though they pretended to be these pillars of ethics.

They preferred to let their students fail (get sick and malnourished) at going raw rather than to adjust their flawed raw nutrition philosophy.

Of course, you have EVERY RIGHT to be skeptical with me also or any other raw food teacher.

Luckily I do have a long track record of raw success.

Unfortunately I know many long term raw foodists (they haven't been raw as long as me but up to 9 years) who ended up giving it up because it just wasn't working out for them.

They'd have certain nagging health problems of which they usually were loath to admit to anyone. But eventually they'd get to the breaking point and wanted to go back to some cooked food to see if that somehow solved their health problems.

I do believe many of these people who have failed at staying 100% raw could easily succeed if they simply gave up the religious raw dogmatism and adapted this more nutritionally complete (and much better tasting and satisfying) way to go raw.

All of These Problems Caused by the Incorrectly Taught "Low Fat Raw Food Diet" are Now SOLVED!

  • Never feeling satisfied after your meals and feeling so hungry you need to eat a meal every hour or two
  • Constantly craving savory, hearty, substantial and calorie rich cooked foods
  • Being forced to eat meals overloaded with nuts, seeds and oil as your only choice if you want a savory recipe that reminds you of cooked food
  • Nutrient deficiencies and therefore poor health (like an epidemic of cavities or general malnourishment and failure to thrive) of long term raw foodists and their children. (This is why you see so many long term raw foodists end up quitting raw after 3 to 5 to 10 years. What once worked so incredibly well stopped doing so because their diet was deficient in a few key nutrients.
  • The high cost of fruit which can make the Raw Diet expensive
  • Lack of savory foods that aren't loaded with fat - like nuts, seeds, oils and avocados
  • The inconvenience of not being able to store raw foods long term like you can do with cooked food
  • That "Fruited Out" Feeling which can make you feel light headed, shaky, spacey and craving cooked food BIG TIME - Comes from constantly eating and being limited to only eating fruit as your MAIN source of calories which is what you are supposed to do if you follow the typical instructions for how to do the Low Fat Raw Food Diet.
  • Frequent cooked food cravings at dinnertime and throughout the day

All of the above problems are SOLVED once you start adding Savory Raw Carbs into your Raw Food Diet.

You can and still should eat fruit. But now you have an important SAVORY option that is LOW in FAT and tastes delicious.

Once you learn some of our exciting recipes you'll transform basic raw carbs into savory delights that even your cooked food friends and family will adore.


How To Go Raw the TastEasy Way
With The Savory Raw Carbs System
8-Week Coaching Program

NOTE: Most classes will run from about 1 to 2 hours long.

Classes will be held via live teleseminar that you can attend by calling on your telephone (or via Skype with no toll charges anywhere in the world) or via live streaming on the Internet. However, if you wish to ask me a question on the call you'll need to call in with a telephone or Skype connection.

NOTE 2: The schedule and content of classes below may change depending on the needs of coaching program participants. Though most of if not all of what is listed below will be covered at some point.

Classes will begin on Saturday, June 6, 2015 and will take place for 8 straight Saturdays. But we'll likely rearrange the Saturday July 4th class for another day of the week.

Each week you'll be given new Savory Raw Carb recipes to try out.

All classes will be recorded and will be available for download as an MP3 file if you can't attend live.

At the end of each class there will be an opportunity for you to ask me your questions related to the class topic. I'll stay on as long as needed to answer all questions.

And at the beginning of classes you'll get a chance to ask questions related to the class last week and what you did the previous week. You'll also get to share success stories.

Here's What You'll learn in the Weekly Classes:

Week # 1 Class

Introduction to the Savory Raw Carbs System

  • I give you my master list of 14 savory raw carbs food sources. (What's great about these is that they're savory [of course], filling, don't need to be ripened and are nutrient rich. Plus some of them are really cheap and can be stored for long periods of time therefore lowering your raw food bill.)  
  • I give you my favorite Savory Raw Carbs recipe that I make the most often. (This easily fills me up for 4 hours and has a flavor, texture and heartiness that you simply can't get from nuts, seeds, avocados and oils. And since it's low fat you won't get that "I've had too much fat feeling that is so common amongst raw foodists. In fact, I barely ever eat nut or seed pates anymore because this tastes so much better.)
  • How to use this simple ratio to reduce cooked cravings to next to nothing.
  • I reveal the major problem with the way the Low Fat Raw Food Diet is currently being taught by virtually everyone.
  • Master these 3 raw recipes and staying raw will be a piece of cake.
  • Use these free websites to help you quickly determine if your're eating raw properly.
  • I give you the first week transition step to going 100% raw. (We transition to 100% raw slowly and easily over the course of 4 weeks so that you enjoy the process and have less detoxification and body adjustment issues.)
  • How to be satisfied in just 3 meals per day (not 6 to 10) without snacking or feeling ravenously hungry.
  • Instant tipoff that you're mineral deficient. (A common problem with fruitarians and people who follow the "typical" low fat raw advice.)
  • Best times to eat fruits, greens and Savory Raw Carbs.
  • A no cravings way to keep your fat content down.
  • How to slash your raw food bill while increasing the flavor.
  • Plus I answer several common questions related to the first week topic.

Week # 2 Class

Psychological and Mental Mindset Strategies for Going Raw:

  • Why you MUST be selfish to succeed at going raw. (And why being selfish is much better for your family and friends.)
  • Are you a slave? You may be surprised by the answer. Many a budding raw foodist has been foiled by this surprising fact.
  • A common life philosophy that keeps people cooked.
  • The psychological trick I used on myself to create a BURNING DESIRE to go 100% raw. (Without it, I'd still be eating cooked food.)
  • We'll help you find a Raw Buddy from amongst your class members. This will give you extra motivation and friendly accountability to help you go raw.
  • Ask this simple question to make going raw a lot more FUN and EASY!
  • Why following "Freedom Principles" with the priority on personal freedom versus the collective or society control mentality sets you free and makes it much easier for you to go raw and stay raw.

Plus I'll be giving you the solution to these common raw food problems:

  • How to stop cooked food cravings caused by talking or thinking about cooked food.
  • How to stop cooked food cravings caused by smelling cooked foods.
  • How to stop cooked food cravings caused by walking by cooked food restaurants.

Week # 3 Class

How to Stay Raw In Sticky Social Situations

In this weeks class I address these common problems keeping people cooked:

  • Family and friends are sabotaging, tempting and nagging you about your "crazy" Raw Food Diet.
  • What to do if your partner and or children don't eat raw.
  • Are you bothered by what friends, family or coworkers think about your diet? Here's how you get around that.
  • What to do if your spouse and or children expect you to prepare cooked food for them.
  • How to continue bonding with others through food. Even if they're eating cooked food.
  • How to go out with cooked food friends at cooked restaurants and still stay raw yourself. (Timing is one factor of big importance here.)
  • Is eating raw an extreme or should you take the middle road and eat some cooked food and raw food?
  • What to do when your family thinks you're anorexic or orthorexic because you eat a Raw Food Diet.

Week # 4 Class

How to Handle Being Fruited Out and Dealing With Nutrient Deficiencies:

Here are the typical "fruited out" symptoms caused by constantly eating 2 to 5 fruit meals per day and why you must handle this if you want to stay 100% raw.

  • Craving salty or savory foods throughout the day and even more so by dinnertime.
  • Many a raw foodist will feel light headed, dizzy and just plain weird.
  • A major craving for non-sweet calorie rich foods. But if you follow typical low fat raw diet instructions you can barely eat any fatty foods (which are savory) and therefore you find it hard to satisfy your natural urge to eat something savory.
  • Eventually eating fruit becomes a punishment instead of a pleasure.
  • You get bored of eating fruit day after day, month after month and year after year.
  • An easy way to lower the initial spike in blood sugar from eating a fruit meal.
  • Breaking the old "Fruit or Fat" paradigm.
  • How to banish the fruited out feeling and STOP cooked food cravings in 15-minutes or less with my 5-pronged rapid results system.

Raw Food Nutrient Deficiencies and How to Easily Handle Them Once and For All:

  • The two missing nutrients needed to stop the rampant tooth decay problem that many high fruit raw foodists have encountered.
  • How to build and maintain strong bones.
  • Two other nutrients that are typically hard to come by or get enough of on the High Carb Raw Food Diet.
  • Once you get enough of these nutrients you'll avoid many of the problems long term raw foodists face.

Week # 5 Class

How to Stay Toasty Warm and Thrive on 100% Raw in the Cold Wintertime Climates

A problem for many new raw foodists is how to stay raw in the wintertime. In my early attempts at going 100% raw this was a HUGE problem for me.

You face issues like feeling cold after a meal or even shivering through much of the day. Because initially going raw can make you feel colder than normal.

Though over time that changes as your body adapts. And it's quite different when you add Savory Raw Carbs into your raw diet.

The other issue is the lack of the abundance of summertime fruits and vegetables.

Again not as much of an issue when you're doing the Savory Raw Carbs system because they're usually available abundantly year round.

However, I have all sorts of other solutions to thriving in the wintertime in cold climates while raw. Afterall I did live in snowy cold New Jersey for 9 winters while being 100% raw.

And with my system, even before Savory Raw Carbs it was much easier to stay raw in the wintertime compared to highly restrictive methods usually taught in the high carb raw circles.

Here's some of what you'll discover...

  • What common fruit NEVER to eat as a staple in the Wintertime. (If you do you'll freeze your arse off just like I did. After a while just a bite of this food at room temperature would send chills down my spine.)
  • How to deal with a general lack of summer fruits and produce in the winter.
  • What foods to eat that actually heat up your body. These are special Savory Raw Carbs foods.
  • How to dress to stay warmer.
  • How to turn your body into a super hot furnace in 5 to 10 minutes. My raw food mentor's little secret can heat your body up for 2 or 3 hours. He did this in New York City years ago when the heat was turned off in his apartment and it got like to 50 degrees inside.

Week # 6 Class

Achieving Your Ideal Weight, Food Combining Simplified and
Squential Eating:

In this week's class we cover how to not only lose weight on a raw food diet but gain weight if your problem is that you're too skinny.

Next we cover a simplified way I handle food combining.

And finally we cover the topic of sequential eating. It's just an advanced food combining strategy that makes it easy for you to eat a number of different foods (that don't combine well together) in the same meal.

  • Why you should NEVER focus on cutting calories when you first go raw and what to do instead if you want to simultaneously melt off the excess flab.
  • And why many people will gain weight from unrestricted fruit eating and yet a few lucky ones will not.
  • How to put on some extra pounds the healthy way if eating raw has made you razor thin.

Week # 7 Class

How to Travel Raw and Still Enjoy Your Food

As a raw food family and me personally we've done a WHOLE BUNCH of traveling.

We've traveled by plane and by car.

I've driven cross country from New Jersey to Oregon (that's 48 hours or more of driving time and over 3,000 miles) while staying 100% raw.

We've driven as a family of four with two young children from Oregon to Arizona 3 times. We've also driven from Arizona to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (about a 23 hour trip) and back by truck.

In fact, we've taken two long trips to the interior of Mexico and back to Arizona by car.

We've lived in Panama, Costa Rica, Hawaii, New Jersey, Oregon and Arizona in the span of 7 years while living the raw lifestyle. So we have a ton of experience of dealing with traveling while raw and we've come up with some really cool raw travel strategies that we'll be sharing with you.

And we've made plenty of mistakes over the years too that cost us a lot of time and money.

But since then we've found ways to not only enjoy our food but spend a lot less time preparing it food shopping on the road.

Why is this important?

Because that takes a hell of long time to do when you're eating raw. It's not like you can stop at Booger King, Crack in the Box, Pizza Butt or Taco Smell for a quick and convenient meal.

And there's not a whole heck of a lot of raw food restaurants along the major highways. (Like NONE that I know of.)

Traveling raw takes some planning.

In some of our travels we literally didn't leave the hotel town until 3 or 4 in the afternoon because we were so backed up with food shopping and preparation.

That ended up costing us several extra days of travel and expensive hotel rooms, not to mention the expense of the food we were buying which was a lot more than we would normally spend at home.

And we were losing our whole paycheck at Wholefoods and other such health food stores when we could find them.

With our new more streamlined methods we've been able to do a lot more hours driving per day and therefore spend less nights at hotels. Even with young children of 7 and 3 years of age who can't stand being stuck in car seats.

Here's some of what I'll be showing you...

  • We share 11 of our favorite travel foods.
  • How to travel on flights that limit the fruit that you can bring into our out of the country. (We've had to deal with this a number of times including flying back from Hawaii where they don't let you bring much if any fresh fruit on the plane.)
  • A great savory raw carbs food to bring while traveling. It's inexpensive, it tastes great plain without having to waste time making a recipe and it fills you up.
  • The absolutely awesome travel food (compact and delicious) we discovered in a restaurant that serves sugarcane juice in Hawaii.  It's sweet, chewy and fills you up. And it's easy to prepare at home. No need to visit Hawaii. (Hint: It's not related to sugarcane.)
  • Another great travel food that we discovered last year. It really hits the savory spot when you're sick and tired of eating fruit on your trip. And the best thing it requires no prepration whatsoever.
  • How to save a lot of time, money and space in your vehicle by doing as little food prepration as possible while actually traveling. This allows you to also reduce expenses by not having to stay in hotels that also have kitchens.

Week # 8 Class

Troubleshooting the Raw Food Diet:

Did you know that there are people who are sensitive or allergic to whole large groups of raw fruits and vegetables?

In fact, there are at least 3 of these food groups.

This makes it much harder for these senstive people to stay raw because their choices of raw fruits and vegetables are limited.

In fact, my partner Karmyn who has IBS is highly sensitive to two of these three groups of foods. And my daughter Rainbow is sensitive to the other group of foods which dramatically limits the kinds of raw fruits and vegetables she can eat safely.

This is something you rarely hear discussed in raw food circles.

Yet it's a hidden reason why some people struggle in pain on the Raw Food Diet.

In this last class we'll go over these three groups of foods and show you how to thrive on raw or very high raw like 95% or more even you happen to be sensitive to one or more of these food groups.

The great news is that many of the Savory Raw Carbs foods do not trigger these food sensitivities.

After we cover this we'll go over a bunch of common raw food problems that we haven't yet covered like the ones below...

  • Beating yourself up for eating cooked food when you were trying to stay 100% raw. (Actually there is a much better way to deal with this than beating yourself up. I'll spill the beans in this class. Yes this "used" to happen to me too many years ago.)
  • Emotional Eating: The problem of using food (cooked food in this case) to suppress negative emotions. (And how even under times of extreme stress and fear you can make it so that you don't even consider eating cooked food as a consolation.)
  • What age is too old to start going raw?
  • What do you do if there is a "seeming" lack of affordable ripe fruit in your area?
  • What if there's a lack of organic produce or organic produce is too expensive?
  • Raw food preparation takes too long.
  • Digestion problems - bloating and gas: Very serious digestive problems (especially with raw vegies: broccoli, cabagges....)
  • Not enough energy to exercise intensely.
  • Too expensive to eat out at raw restaurants.
  • My blood type is O... Do I therefore need to eat meat?
  • I have an extreme lack of self-discipline which is making it hard for me to go raw.
  • Feeling lethargic on a Vegan diet.
  • How do I overcome many joyous moments from a lifetime of eating cooked food?
  • No time to do so much food shopping and prepare all of the typically complex raw food recipes out there..
  • No blender at work.

I assure you most of the issues above are not really problems at all. At least when you know the solutions.

But sometimes you'll have to make hard decisions and evaluate your priorities if you want to stay healthy.

You'll never go raw and gain radiant health if health is not near the top of your most important priorities in life.

With the mastermind environment of the Savory Raw Carbs classes I think you'll find going raw and making those difficult "at the time they're made" choices seem a lot easier.

More about what will be covered in the 8 classes:

NOTE: The first four classes will show you a step-by-step gradual transition to going 100% raw.

You can follow it or go at your own pace either slower or faster. And I believe some students will already be high raw or 100% raw and simply want to taste a more delicious, enjoyable and nutritionally sustainable way to do the Raw Food Diet.

When you are done with this 8 week class (and even during it) you'll have all the tools you need to go raw the fun and easy Savory Raw Carbs way.

Do you have to go 100% raw?

Whether you choose to go 100% raw, high raw or 50% raw is your choice.

But I will be teaching how to go 100% raw so that you can finally give up cooked food addiction and achieve a level of health not possible with eating "some" cooked food.

Going raw shouldn't be a struggle.

You shouldn't have to CHALLENGE yourself to eat raw. For after all you're still eating food. For your food to be healthy it must meet your nutrient needs but at the same time it should be enjoyable.

Without those two factors you'll be struggling big time.

And this is why most people fail on the Raw Food Diet over the long term. The way raw is currently taught ends up leaving you nutritionally imbalanced. And that nutritional imbalance makes you crave cooked food like crazy.

Also by going raw with adding Savory Raw Carbs you're going to have less detoxification issues.


Because fruit is more of a cleansing type of food. It's light and highly bioactive and reactive due to the acids. It basically encourages your body into a rapid detox.

But Savory Raw Carbs are heavier and they'll actually slow down the detoxification process and also build your body stronger than if you just relied on fruits and vegetables as your sole dietary staple.

As far as I know there is absolutely no-one teaching a High Carb Raw Food Diet that has incorporated these 14 kinds of savory carb foods into their system.

In fact, they generally ignore and or demonize these foods as being inedible.

But since my family and I have been eating them for more than 3 years now I know otherwise. And I have a close friend (who I'll introduce you to below) who's been eating these "other" kinds of raw foods for many years longer than I have.

Most people who take this coaching will be able to and want go 100% raw and stick with it for years.

And if for some reason you have some rare food sensitivities that cause you problems, more than likely you can easily go 80 to 95% raw now that you have access to a whole new raw food group.

The great thing about Savory Raw Carbs foods is that they tend to be much less problematic out of those three different categories of food sensitivities I mentioned earlier.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you at class.

Listen to what some of my raw food students say...

"Roger Haeske's work has been one of the main reasons that I've been able to go raw, get healthy and stay raw!"

Roger Haeske's work has been one of the main reasons that I've been able to go raw, get healthy and stay raw! He is a shining example of the way the human body should be.

He has great ideas for dealing with the all too common issues we face in our culture. You know, the difficulty of dealing with people wanting you to eat their cooked food, or dealing with the holidays, or my big temptation: restaurants.

His e-mails have kept me focused on the incredible way I feel when I am truly eating low fat raw food. I recommend that everyone get a recurring membership in his How To Go Raw program. I especially recommend his audio visualization of the Raw Food Warrior.

Best wishes, Lynn

"For the last two and a half months, I have been 100% raw, and the best news is that it has been easy!"

It sounds corny, but joining Roger Haeske's "How to Go Raw" has literally changed my life, for the better. I became convinced 5 years ago that a raw vegan diet was the only way to go. But for various reasons it was not easy for me to stick at being 100% raw.

I felt I should have been able to do it and I was constantly disappointed in myself and going through an inner struggle with wanting to be raw and not managing it.

A friend suggested I look to the internet for support and I joined Roger's membership site. Since then, for the last two and a half months, I have been 100% raw, and the best news is that it has been easy!

Somehow the discipline of reporting in, joining a bunch of other people who were encountering the same issues as me, getting support and encouragement from the people on the forum and from Roger made it seem easy.

Roger's motivational approach has helped me banish moments of weakness plus I have learnt so much from the constant flow of information provided. I recommend this site to anyone who is struggling to become 100% raw.


"a big thank you for offering such a clever and filling raw food recipe"

Hi Roger

Just want to say thanks for the savoury stew recipes. The first time I made it was not very successful and my boyfriend didn't like it all. But I've been persisting and now I'm really enjoying them and looking forward to eating them and even craving them. I must say your email about how you don't get those hunger pains anymore is true. Usually I wake up in the morning starving and during my afternoon shifts at work i'm always very hungry but not since I've been eating these stews.

Anyway just wanted to say a big thank you for offering such a clever and filling raw food recipe and I'm really looking forward to seeing more health benefits as I continue to eat this everyday along with my green smoothies and juices.

J Lee
Sydney, Australia

"Even amongst other raw food advice, yours is like a lifeboat in a raging sea."

Dear Rawger,

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your cd "Your First 30-Days Raw" is wonderful and everything you are saying is turning out to be quite true. It's helping me very much. A billion times more than any other diet information!

Even amongst other raw food advice, yours is like a lifeboat in a raging sea. A lot of my physical suffering has diminished as a result of your tidbits of crucial information. I tell all my friends about you and what you are saying, and I wish you the best. In many ways you are a true doctor and a philantrhopist. May God reward and bless you immensely for all that you give and help.

Much love, Janice Lee

"You were the missing link to where I was and my success."

I've been 100% raw ever since we had our last telephone coaching session and I'm doing great. I found that I pretty much eat greens at every other 50% of my meals - MOST of the time (not 50% of my calories - this is an easy way for me since I don't like counting calories). Sometimes, maybe 2 times a week, I'll eat 2 or even (at the most) 3 fruit meals in a row...then I'll get right back on greens.

Anyways, thanks so much. I look forward to my life as a mono sequential raw foodist and towards anything that comes up in our paths. So I just wanted to give you an update and a thanks. You were the missing link to where I was and my success.


How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Now I bet with enough time and desire you could figure out most of what I've learned the very hard way over the last 22 years of my raw food life.  

Yes it was way back in 1996 that I made my first attempts to seriously go 100% raw.

The first five years I tried to go fully raw and failed at least 30 different times. 

And what if you're like most people who go raw who try it and never even stay raw for more than a month or two?

Or what if you're one of the thousands of people who tried doing the Low Fat Raw Food Diet the highly problematic way it's currently being taught?

If you were to follow those systems and not have an open mind to other alternative ways of doing things you may never figure out what I have.

You might still be eating raw the crazy way it's been taught the last 100 years.

And if you do that you're gonna run into health problems.

But let's just for arguments sake put a number on this.

Let's say your time is worth just $20.00 per hour.

And because you're much smarter than me you magically figure out everything I'm teaching in these classes on your own in a mere 1,000 hours.

Well $20 per hour times 1,000 hours = $20,000

Wouldn't you rather just learn this in 8 weekly classes with me and the other students?

And then again why waste years of your life trying to figure this out on your own when can have the keys to the kingdom now.

Time is precious.

There's no need for you to get sick and fail miserably time after time trying to go raw on your own.

I can give you the shortcut to radiant health and happiness, great energy and a glowing youthful look.

This way you can have it now, not 13 years from now.

I know you don't want to wait 13 years to experience the amazing life and health benefits of going raw.

Major Discount Since This is the First Time I'm Running This Class

The reason the price is currently so low is because this is the first time I'm launching this program to the public.

It's my custom to give my email subscribers a huge price break when I launch a new product.

And quite honestly I doubt I'll ever offer the Savory Raw Carbs 8-Week Coaching Program at such a low price again.

On top of that... I don't even know if I'll ever teach it again.

So if you're ready, now's the time to take action and see us on the inside.

See the three incredible value options you get below.

More Details on the Three Coaching Options

The 8-Week Savory Raw Carbs Coaching Program has three levels of participation.

1. Eight Weekly Teleclasses: (Limit of 50 participants)

This is the first level. You'll get to participate live on the teleclasses and ask me questions at the end of the class.  I'll stay on to answer as many questions as you ask.

Also once we get into the second week of classes I may open up the class at the beginning for any questions about the previous week.

In these classes we'll be going in-depth on the biggest problems holding people back at succeeding with the Raw Food Diet.

And of course, I'll be teaching you the Savory Raw Carbs way to go raw.

You can attend live or listen in to the calls later.

There will also be several bonuses in written PDF and audio MP3 format that you'll gain immediate access to.

As the weekly classes progress I may include extra materials that help you lock in the information and make it easier for you to succeed at going and staying 100% raw.

What's great about doing a group class versus solely one on one is that you get the power of the Mastermind Effect. The questions, struggles and the solutions others experience will greatly enhance your own ability to be successful.

The other two levels will also include this level.

2. Unlimited Email Support and Accountability: Time Period 2 Months (Limit of 25 Participants)

If you want to get lots of caring and understanding support and accountability then this level may be right for you.

You'll be able to ask me any questions you have about the class that come up during the week. Anything you feel is holding you back I can help you with.

Email me your questions Monday - Friday and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Usually in less than 24 hours. I'll give you a special coaching email address.

The only thing that is required is that you actually do my suggestions before asking me your next question.

I'll also help you set your own goals for how fast you want to go raw. And once you've decided on your goals I'll keep you accountable to your own goals.

This kind of personalized coaching is invaluable because undoubtedly you are going to run into some obstacles. And without a mentor or coach to confer with you may give up for a simple little issue that's easily resolved.

I know this because if I didn't have my raw mentor with me when I first went 100% raw back in 2001 I likely would have given up soon after I started feeling some detox symptoms.

Symptoms that went away in just a few days but I initially thought was from eating fruit.

And how did I get those fears?

By listening to the partially raw gurus or reading highly misguided raw food books. There is a ton of disinformation out there that makes it very hard for people to go raw.

That's why it's so crucial to have a highly experienced and long term successful raw food coach to guide you through the common pitfalls of going raw.

Of course, as a member of the Unlimited Email Support (Level 2) you get access to everything in Level 1 as well.

3. Raw Mentorship and Hang With Me For a Day: Time Period 2 Months (Only 3 participants)

In this exclusive third level you're going to get my private telephone number and be able to talk to me regularly.

And you get priority support from me. I handle your email questions first so that you get a rapid response to anything that may be troubling or stumping you.

We can do telephone calls and or Skype video calls if you wish. With the Skype calls you be able to actually see me. It's almost like being there in person.

We'll set up a call once a week for the two months of the class.

But... you can also call me whenever you need extra support or encouragement.

Basically, I'm going to do for you what my raw mentor and friend did for me years ago. He was always available to me for support and encouragment through my early struggles of going raw.

So you can even call me daily if you wish.

Of course, this is level is going to take up a LOT of my time so I'm limiting it to at most three people.

Now the uber cool thing is that you'll also get to spend a day with me in person in our sunny warm almost all year round home in Arizona.

We live on the border of California and our town is a famous vacation spot where loads of snowbirds and Spring Breakers come to spend their vacations. We have a wonderful lake and the best park I have ever seen.

With loads of great recreation including hiking in the mountains, swimming, sports and all sorts of water or boat based activity on the lake including jet skiing.

You can schedule this visit up to a year from when the class begins.

You will come out to where I live (or am at that time) and I'll spend a day with you teaching you a whole bunch of really cool stuff. I'll answer all of your raw food questions and more.

We'll also share a raw meal or two together.

I can teach you food prep tips and it's possible you'll get to see my kids and family as well.

If you wish we can do a workout together as I guide you in my latest fun workout system the Lazy Pig System 10. Ask me any questions about the Raw Food Diet, fitness, personal development, spirituality or anything that I am qualified to help with.

I'll share with you any of the secrets of life that I have learned over my many moons on planet Earth. And if you're a Superbeing Club member you'll realize that indeed I can help you bust through all sorts of false limitations that have been holding you back.

This exclusive personal and in person access to me that few people get.

You get to see me up close and personal and see just how well the properly done Raw Food Diet has been working for me.

Currently we're living in sunny, hot and dry Arizona. In fact, this is one of the sunniest places in the United States because it barely ever rains here.

You may want to visit me in the winter months to get away from the cold. And if I happen to live somewhere else or am traveling in your area we can arrange the visit there.

Of course, this elite third level includes access to the other two levels as well. So not only can you call me but you can email me as well.

Sometimes email is a lot more quick and convenient for short little messages and questions. Or as a follow up to our previous telephone call.

Just keep in mind there are only three spots available. Once they are gone that's it. I can't take anymore than three people.

All The Cool Things You Get / Options

8 Week Teleclass

Unlimited Email



8 Week Teleclasses

Ask Questions on the Call

Unlimited Email Questions

Email Accountability

Weekly Phone/Skype Mentoring

Hang With Me 4 a Day of Rawjuvenation







"How Do I Get Started?"

So… if you’re ready to take your life, health, happiness and energy to a new level then choose one of the options below.

After you checkout with PayPal (NOTE: You don't need a Paypal account you can also just use your credit card), you will immediately emailed your login codes for the members area. And you should be taken to the members area even before you receive the login information via email.

[NOTE: Your membership area is hosted on Zaxaa. That means you'll have to login to your Zaxaa account (which will be created automatically when you join - unless you already have a Zaxaa account) to get to the membership area.]

You'll get some highly useful bonuses immediately to get you started.

The first class will start on Saturday, June 6th. All classes will be held on Saturdays so that as many people as possible from all over the world can attend the calls live.

Once all of the members have joined I'll find out what time on Saturdays is best for the most class members and will set the class time accordingly.

So choose the option below that best suits your needs.

Level 1: Basic Teleseminar

Only 65 3 Spots Left

Sign me up for the Level 1: Eight Week Teleseminar coaching program where I get to attend live and ask questions on the call.

Or if for some reason I can't attend live, I can listen later by downloading the mp3 recording of the teleseminar after it has ended.

I understand this investment includes 3 low payments or I can get an even lower price by making a highly discounted one time payment.

Payment Schedule:

First Payment = $66.99
2nd Payment 14 Days Later = $67.99
3rd Payment 30 Days Later = $67.99

There Are No Refunds

Since this is a coaching program that takes a considerable amount of my time there are no refunds.

I'm looking for serious and committed students only, who already know I bring the goods.

If you think you might want a refund then you probably don't know me well enough to join just yet. That's OK, maybe at some point in the future you'll be more comfortable after you've tried some of my other lower cost programs and seen for yourself the breakthrough ideas you get that will improve your life for the better.

Cancel At Any Time

However, you can cancel future payments at any time before you are billed. Of course if you cancel, then you'll not be able to access the rest of the classes nor get the incredible class graduation gifts I'll be showing you further below.

Level 1: Basic Teleseminar

Save $31.98 With A One Time Payment

How to Go Raw the TastEasy Way - 8 Week Coaching Program

Or Choose Three Easy Installments Starting at $66.99

Level 2: Unlimited Email Questions, Support and Accountability

Please sign me up for the Level 2: Unlimited Email Questions, Support and Accountability.

I understand this investment includes 3 low payments or I can get an even lower price by making a highly discounted one time payment.

Payment Schedule:

First Payment = $199.99
2nd Payment 14 Days Later = $199.99
3rd Payment 30 Days Later = $199.99

There Are No Refunds

Since this is a coaching program that takes a considerable amount of my time there are no refunds.

I'm looking for serious and committed students only, who already know I bring the goods.

If you think you might want a refund then you probably don't know me well enough to join just yet. That's OK, maybe at some point in the future you'll be more comfortable after you've tried some of my other lower cost programs and seen for yourself the breakthrough ideas you get that will improve your life for the better.

Cancel At Any Time

However, you can cancel future payments at any time before you are billed. Of course if you cancel, then you'll not be able to access the rest of the classes nor get the incredible class graduation bonuses I'll be showing you further below.

Level 2: Unlimited Email Questions Support and Accountability

Save $80.00 With The One Time Payment

How to Go Raw the TastEasy Way - 8 Week Coaching Program

Or Choose Three Easy Installments at $199.99

Level 3: Raw Mentorship and
Spend a Rawjuvenation Day with Me

Only 3 Spots Available

The Level 3: Raw Mentorship is extremely limited as I'll be spending a lot of personal time with you to help you achieve your raw health, happiness and youthfulness goals.

You'll get access to everything in Levels 1 & 2: the teleclasses, the unlimited email support plus we'll be doing weekly coaching sessions via telephone or Skype that will run about 30 to 45 minutes on average.

During our time together you'll get my private telephone number and we'll talk at least once a week. If you need to talk more I'll be available to help you through any pitfall or crisis.

Once the 8 week coaching class is over you can schedule your Rawjuvenation day with me up to a year later. This is where you spend 8 hours with me and pick my brain on any raw question you have or any other subject I'm qualified to help you with.

I'll share with you my fitness, self-improvement and spiritual insights as well.

On top of that we'll be sharing a raw lunch and dinner meal together. I think you'll agree that this will be an invaluable life experience for you.

The value of the Rawjuvenation Day alone is $2,500.00

I will not accept a credit card payment for this option. It will need to be a check or money order.

To see if this raw mentorship is right for you please email me at

support ( at ) superbeing ( dot ) com

...and we can set up a brief telephone call to see if I'll be able to help you solve your biggest challenges or not. If we're not a good fit to work together or I think I can't adequately help you with your particular set of issues then I'll recommend that you don't do the Raw Mentorship with me.

The investment is $1,999 per month for just two monthly payments.

"What Else Do I Get?"

I'd thought you'd never ask...

Here's a List of 14 Amazing Bonuses you Get Immediately After Signing Up for Any Level of the 8 Week Coaching Program


Your First 30-Days Raw - Value = $29.97

The first gift is my complete audio course in downloadable mp3 format (NOTE: You won't get thy physical CD) showing you all sorts of tips and tricks to make your first thirty days raw as smooth, easy and pleasurable as possible. Listen to this program in your car, or when taking a walk or maybe doing chores around the house.

You'll learn my best motivational and nutritonal strategies to beat cooked food cravings and handle the hardest part of going raw which is the first 30 days.

The CD version of this program currently sells for $29.97 but you get as an extra bonus the 20 minute Question and Answer session mp3 that was too long to fit on the CD. And you get the transcripts of the call in a beautiful PDF file as an additional bonus gift.


The Easy Way to Go Raw and Stick to It - Teleseminar - Roger Haeske - Value = $27.00

Audio MP3 File - Length One Hour and 26 Minutes


The Ways I Failed At Going 100 Raw Over 5 Years - Roger Haeske - Value = $20.00
MP3 Audio File - Length 49:48

Over the years one of the emails that my readers like the most is where I talk about all of the ways I used to struggle at going 100% raw. Even a good friend of mine said that email was really useful for him too.

Will in this audio I read from an article in Living Nutrition Magazine where I expanded upon that original email. And of course, I included many extra comments that I think you'll find truly helpful.


Updated List of 14 Savory Raw Carbs Foods - Roger Haeske - Written PDF File - Value = $10.00

For your convenience and reference I've put together a short PDF file listing the 14 Savory Raw Carb food sources and some useful information about many of them.


14 Summerlicious Raw Recipes by Karmyn Malone - Written PDF File - Value $20.00

I'm sure you're going to find some amazing raw recipes in here. When we sent this out years ago to Savory Veggie Stews customers as a bonus they were thanking us left and right.


Healing Minerals - Special Report - How to Meet and Exceed Your Mineral Requirements on the Raw Food Diet - Karmyn Malone - Written PDF File - Value $27.00

This is a super important report for any raw foodist to read. For one of the big problems raw foodists have is getting enough minerals in their diets because fruit is not a great source of them.

Then again there are certain fruit that are surprisingly high in minerals. This special report will tell you everything you need to know to meet and exceed your mineral needs.


Soaking Instructions for Sundried Chickpeas - Roger Haeske - Written PDF File - Value $10.00

Here I have taken pictures and given full instructions on the ins and outs of properly soaking chickpeas. This will be convenient for you when you first start learning to prepare recipes with chickpeas.


The Fruited Out Formula Summary - Roger Haeske - Written PDF File - Value $17.00

Here you get a quick reference to the five steps to beat the dreaded feeling of getting fruited out. This is a very common problem for people following a low fat Raw Food Diet and eating fruit all day long. It doesn't take long for you to get sick of eating fruit.

The fruited out formula shows you ingenious strategies to deal with this rampant problem.

One of the big problems this creates is a big time craving for cooked food once dinnertime comes around.


Art of Staying Toasty Warm on a Raw Food Diet - Roger Haeske - Audio MP3 File - Length 19:21 - Value = $20.00

I recorded this when I was living in a cold climate in New Jersey. Yes there are a number of tricks I learned over 9 years of being 100% raw in a cold winter climate to help keep you toasty warm when going raw. Once you listen you'll know the secrets.


Staying Warm on the Raw Food Diet in the Winter and Keeping Cooler in the Summer - Roger Haeske - MP4 Video - Length 3:43 - Value = $10.00

In this video I prove to you that cool weather (with my shirt off on a cool fall day) is no big deal.

In fact, I've been with a number of long term raw foodists who have great resistance to cold weather. So don't think you're going to stay cold the rest of the time you are raw. For most raw foodists that's not true.

In the video I also explain about my incredible resistance to hot weather that came about as a result of going 100% raw.

Remember When I Mentioned My Raw Food Buddy and Spiritual Healer Rama Who Inspired Me To Further Investigate Savory Raw Carbs as Viable Raw Food Sources?

The 4 bonuses below are from my good raw buddy Rama. He's one of the people that influenced me into looking into these Savory Raw Carb food sources.

Without his example I may still be stuck eating only fruit as my main source of carbohydrates.

Rama has been eating 100% raw for about 9 years now.

Rama is also a highly intuitive spiritual healer with what I would call super spiritual multi-dimensional X-ray vision. He can literally see inside your body and see the reactions of eating certain foods on the body and this special insight has helped him to formulate his theories on what he calls Paradise Foods.

The bonuses below are really special and a perfect complement to the Savory Raw Carbs System.

You're not going to find this information in any Raw Food book or program. It's completely unique to Rama.

I think you're gonna love it...


Nature Food Interview I did with Rama - Audio MP3 File - Length One Hour and Thirty Minutes - Value $47.00

All I can say is that this interview is Da Bomb. There is so much unconventional and anti-guru gold in here.

I could easily sell this 90 minute recording for $47.00. (The content is THAT good.) But you get it for free. Here's just an itsy bitsy taste of the many breakthrough concepts and unique ideas that you won't find in any Raw Food Diet books.

  • How to FORCE your body into BEGGING you to move and exercise it without trying or even having to think.
  • What Rama was doing wrong with his Raw Diet that gave him open sores on his feet for almost two years. (And how adding certain foods into his diet permanently cleared those sores up in two weeks.)
  • Instant tipoff that your body is out of balance and your diet is deficient.
  • Why comparing yourself to other people is a BIG mistake for your health. (And what you should do instead for much better results.)
  • What raw foods you should NEVER combine together. (Yet if you go to a raw restaurant or raw food potlucks these foods are combined all of the time.)
  • A common situation when cooked food is actually much healthier than eating 100% raw.
  • The surprising way Rama cleaned and brightened his aura in 48 hours. (This astonished him because he had been meditating for many years already and never got such rapid spiritual improvement before.)
  • Why the Raw Food Diet itself is absolutely not to blame for the many people who have failed to stay 100% raw.
  • The big lie the "Raw Gurus" don't want you to know. (And specifically how Rama knows this by using his X-ray Vision.)
  • Why Rama thinks of Roger as a "glorified animal."
  • Why Rama and I laugh at chocolate cake. And why you can too once you feel this incredible feeling for yourself. (Yes I used to absolutely ADORE chocolate cake.)
  • Which low protein food group is the absolute best for building big, strong muscles rapidly? Plus it helps you recover faster from workouts. (How does Rama know this? Through his personal experiments and of course his incredible X-ray vision and other intuitive talents.)
  • Why certain yellow colored foods increase your brainpower, memory and happiness.
  • Rama's really weird way of eating raw pineapples without any tools. (I did it too and it was easier than I thought it would be and a lot of fun.)
  • Why fruit is the worst food group for building a strong, hard and muscular body.
  • Which foods to eat for building hard, strong and healthy teeth and bones. (Hint: It's not fruit.)


Healing Greens, Roots and Squahes - Rama - Written PDF File - Value $17.00


Paradise Foods by Rama - Written PDF File - Value = $10.00


Which Fruits Heal Different Parts of the Body - Rama - Written PDF File - Value = $17.00

2 Brand New Bonuses Added

How to Make the Basic Savory Veggie Stews - Including Tips for Making Hundreds of Variations - MP4 Video File - Value = $37.00

How to Make the Basic Savory Veggie Stews - Including Tips for Making Hundreds of Variations - Written PDF File - Value =$17.00

Total Value of All 14 16 Bonuses Above = $335.97


Hold on Pardner... I Got More Gifts for When You Complete the 8-Week Class

Once you complete the 8 week coaching class then I've got some really cool graduation gifts for you.

NOTE: You have to finish the entire program and then you'll receive access to these gifts via the customer email list.


Think and Go Raw - ebook by Roger Haeske - PDF File - Value = $27.00

In this ebook you'll discover my 33 psychological and dietary strategies to wipe out cooked food cravings.

In fact, with just one technique I was able to instantly reduce my own cooked food cravings by 90% in my early days of going 100% raw. It was just a simple shift in how I was thinking and it immediately dropped my cooked food cravings to next to nothing.

These are invaluable strategies that every raw foodist should know.


Our Famous Raw DLT&A and Kastrami Sandwich Tasty Delight Recipes: Value = $17.00

This is our famous raw vegan BLT sandwich and Kastrami sandwich recipes. These are just killer recipes that will make your mouth water. Not only are they savory and delicious but they're really easy to make. There are about 4 recipe variations.


Flummunity - No More Sick Days - Roger Haeske - Audio MP3 Program with Written Transcripts in PDF Format - Value = $97.00

This is my proprietary three step system for eliminating and preventing colds and flues naturally. This works like nothing else I've ever tried. And it's backed by science and many highly positive results world wide.

So long as I've been using the 3-Flummunity principles I've never gotten a cold or flu. This natural method stops the flu dead in it's tracks. Same with my family.

I was even able to get a friend to reverse a cold he just started getting and his wife was already full blown into the cold. But his cold symptoms went away completely.

This one program alone could be worth thousands of dollars to you and your family over the course of your lifetime.

Imagine all of the increased productivity and happiness in your life because you'll likely never get a sick day again. It's a myth that the common cold has not been beaten. You can beat it but it's not going to be with zinc lozenges, echinacia, garlic or chicken soup. The real answer is contained in the Flummunity Protocol.


Students Choice Teleseminar - Roger Haese - Value = $97.00

After the 8 week coaching class is over, I'll send out a little survey to figure out what you guys want me to cover as your bonus teleseminar. It will be approximately 1 to 2 hours long.

The most popular choice will be what we'll cover. And can be any area I'm expert in.

For instance, if the class decides they want to learn one of my fitness programs that can be a choice for the teleseminar. And it's possible depending on the nature of what you guys want that I may do it as a webinar instead of a teleseminar so that I can demonstrate with pictures and or video.

Therefore I don't yet know what we'll be covering but it will be well worth it.


Savory Raw Carbs Recipe Program - Karmyn Malone and Roger Haeske - Value = $37.00

Once we have completed the Savory Raw Carbs recipe program you'll get instant access to it.

Savory Raw Carbs is one of the key points of my system of going raw. So having great recipes to use with the savory raw carb sources is a must.

During the actual coaching class I'll be sharing a number of Savory Raw Carbs recipes but most the recipes will be in the recipe book.

I believe we have over 30 recipes already. After the class ends we'll be compiling these recipes into a recipe book (in PDF format) and all 8 week coaching program members who have completed the class will get it for free.

Total Value of the Graduation Gifts = $275.00

OK Roger, How Do I Get Started?

First lets do a quick review of the three levels or options you can choose from.

Keep in mind that I can only handle so many people per level. If you want to lock in your spot you need to get jump on this and make a choice now.

Also keep in mind that not only are the spots limited but the price will increase at after midnight this Friday, May 15, 2015.

Below Is A Summary Of Your Three Coaching Class Options

All The Cool Things You Get / Options

8 Week Teleclass

Unlimited Email



8 Week Teleclasses

Ask Questions on the Call

Unlimited Email Questions

Email Accountability

Weekly Phone/Skype Mentoring

Hang With Me 4 a Day of Rawjuvenation







Level 1:
Basic Teleseminar

Only 65 3 Spots Left

Save $31.98 With A One Time Payment

How to Go Raw the TastEasy Way - 8 Week Coaching Program

Or Choose Three Easy Installments.
1st Payment =

Level 2: Unlimited Email Questions & Accountability

Save $80.00 With A One Time Payment

How to Go Raw the TastEasy Way - 8 Week Coaching Program

Or Choose Three Easy Installments at $199.99

Level 3: Raw Mentorship and
Spend a Rawjuvenation Day with Me

Two Installments of $1,999

 Please email me at support ( at ) superbeing ( dot ) com to set up a brief call to see if this coaching option is right for you. There is no cost to this initial 10 to 15 minute call.

Please only people seriously interested in this coaching package should set up this call.

OK then this pretty much wraps things up.

I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more successful raw foodists on the planet after this 8 week class.

Going raw is a lot easier when your food is nutritionally balanced and it tastes amazingly good at the same time. And it gets even easier with the help of a highly experienced raw food mentor to help you over the inevitable pitfalls that come up from time to time.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email us:

support ( at ) superbeing ( dot ) com

I know I probably haven't covered all of your questions. So if you're not sure about something then send me an email.

And one final reminder.

The class itself does not start until Saturday, June 6, 2015. I figured it's best we start AFTER Memorial Day.

But you can start using and learning from the extensive bonuses immediately. In fact, the immediate bonus package alone is worth more than the basic level coaching price.

And do remember seats for this class are highly limited.

If you're interested then get off your horse and sign up now before your seat is taken by someone else.

I can't wait to meet you.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

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How to Go Raw the TastEasy Way - 8 Week Coaching Program How to Go Raw the TastEasy Way - 8 Week Coaching Program