How can you COMPLETELY AVOID cooked food cravings when switching to a 100% Raw Food Diet?

The astonishing secret is contained in a special bonus report in the PREMIUM level of my newly updated, expanded and revised version of "Think and Go Raw."

What's my secret, no fat, hearty, raw food recipe that obliterates cooked food cravings INSTANTLY? It's cheap, easy to make in just 5 minutes and never fails to satisfy. 

You can get the must have "Anticraver Secret Recipe" as a life changing bonus in the PREMIUM version of the soon to be relaunched "Think and Go Raw - Version 3.0"

Hint: It's NOT a banana date smoothie... it's a satisfying savory dish from my Savory Raw Carbs system.

So here's what I propose to you...

Get “Think and Go Raw Version - 3” Before I Finish Editing It and Save Mucho Dinero.

I'm relaunching an updated,expanded and revised version of the classic book for beating cooked food addiction without willpower -- “Think and Go Raw - Version - 3.”

And you can get it on the cheap along with some outstanding bonuses that may be more valuable than the actual book, during our Pre Launch - Re Launch Special... 

But you need to take action now as the price will go up without notice with each edit I complete for the book. Once I add that specific update to the members area the price will go up immediately after that. That means the price will go up several times before it reaches it's final price.

Then once I finish editing the book, I'm going to be recording the book in audio as an audiobook in MP3 file. And when I record on audio I tend to add lots of extra details not contained in the original writing.

Of course, this makes the audio that much more valuable and interesting.

And when I'm done recording the audio, the price for Think and Go Raw will be going up yet again.

So my suggestion to you is to join the Think and Go Raw family now while the getting is good.

Do you find that you crave cooked food almost uncontrollably?

If so then you need the classic ebook Think and Go Raw which shows you 33 powerful techniques to beat cooked food cravings. Some of the methods are psychological and some are dietary. 

All you have to do is just start using a handful of them and you'll find it easier than ever to conquer cooked food cravings once and for all.

You can get the full details about what's inside Think and Go Raw at the link below.

But before you go there to learn more about Think and Go Raw check out the mind blowing bonuses you get during the pre-launch of the re-launch.

Bonus Pack

Here's All The Extra Cool Stuff You'll Get When You Pick Up a Copy of "Think and Go Raw - Version 3"
(Note: Bonus Pack For Premium Version Only)

1. How To Stay Raw When Everyone Else Around You Is Eating Cooked Food - Live Class - $100.00 Value

I recently did a survey of my email list and one of the frequent reasons they gave for still eating cooked food was that other members of their household were still eating cooked food.

And I can totally relate because back when I was struggling to go raw I had a housemate who ate cooked food and the smells of the foods he made were so appealing that I found it very difficult to stay 100% raw. 

But then again there was a time where I was 100% raw for three months and living in a house where two other people were eating cooked food. And I know several people who not only live in a house with other cooked foodists but they actually make cooked food for them while they easily remain 100% raw.

In fact, I know of someone who did something way more difficult and I'll share her incredible story in the class.

  • How can anyone stay 100% raw while in a house filled with so much temptation?
  • What are their secrets?

You'll find out in this special live teleclass which will be scheduled for sometime end of October or early November 2015.

2. Think and Go Raw - Full Audio Version - MP3 File - $20.00 Value

I'll be reading (recording the audio version) the whole Think and Go Raw book so that you can listen to it in your car or when taking a walk or even making dinner and doing the dishes. 

Having a printed book is great but there are times when it's just more convenient to listen to audio so you can fell two mangos with one stone.

3. The Cravings Kill Switch - PDF File $20.00 Value

What You'll Get When You Open "The Cravings Kill Switch"

  • Discover the secret location of your "cravings kill switch" so you can turn off cooked food cravings as easily as switching off a light in your house.
  • What NEVER to do when you first feel cooked food cravings.
  • What easily controllable factor multiplies cravings 10 fold?
  • Learn the three main causes of cooked food cravings and how to nullify them.
  • Do this for just 60 seconds to dramatically weaken cravings of any kind.
  • How to make physical cravings easy to beat.
  • The secret to defeating any bad habit. Once you eliminate this then creating a new positive habit is as easy as pie.
  • How to control your mind and not have it control you.

4. The Bad Habit Puppet Master - PDF File - $20.00 Value

When you open the "Bad Habit Puppet Master" you'll discover…

Let's face it. We are all ruled by our habits.

And most people struggle all of their lives making simple changes to their lives because they don't know how to stop bad habits like smoking, watching TV and eating cooked food. Or how to replace bad habits with good onces.

For instance the smoker who'd love to give up smoking but has no idea how to do it even after years of trying and full well knowing it's killing him. Or the person wanting to give up coffee or cooked food but they're so addicted to their habits that each day they destroy their lives by indulding in their dangerous desires.

The trick though is this... 

When you can strengthen or weaken any desires at will and you can start positive habits with ease and drop bad ones like a hot potato. And you can do so without struggle or willpower.
All you've got to do is learn how your brain works and then it becomes an easy process.


  • The "Easy Does It Exercise" that increases your desire for doing a positive habit in just 60 seconds per day. 
  • How to develop "Gourmet Taste Buds" so that simple raw foods taste like a sumptuous feast. 
  • How I went from a gluttonous buffet molestor to someone who loves eating raw foods and despises cooked food. 
  • The "Double Punch" technique for weakening the desires that create bad habits.  
  • Discover the simple trick to magnify your desire for positive habits like exercise, meditation and eating raw foods. 

5. The Anticraver Secret Recipe - PDF File - $30.00 Value

The Anticraver Goes Sight Seeing in Mexico [Hilarious Family Video]

In this hilarious video I'm enjoying "The Anticraver Secret Recipe" with my children at a very scenic location in Mexico. Just a gorgeous ocean view.

NOTE: This video was totally unplanned and unscripted. Had I planned it I would have shaved and I would have not eaten most of my Anticraver already. And I probably would have gotten a hair cut.

NOTE 2: It's also very windy, so much of what I said was not picked up by the camera, including my warning to my daughter Rainbow that this was very hot or spicy and that she shouldn't eat it. But you can hear me warning Andrew previously and she definitely knew it was quite spicy but wanted to try anyway.

Rainbow also has a flair for the theatrical, so a good part of what you'll see was just her having fun. As she only ate a tiny amount of the food and she has a natural ability to deal with spicy foods that she probably inherited from me. So it was not as bad as she made it sound.

NOTE 3: I often make this recipe for my kids with NO SPICE and they love it like that. So if you're not into spicy foods don't worry. Hot peppers are not at all required to make it amazingly delicious.

The Anticraver is my secret, no fat, hearty, raw food recipe that obliterates cooked food cravings INSTANTLY? It's cheap, easy to make in just 5 minutes and never fails to satisfy.

Hint: It's NOT a banana date smoothie... and it's not a fruit. It's an incredibly satisfying savory dish from my Savory Raw Carbs system.

Pre-Launch Special:
Think and Go Raw - Version 3


Think and Go Raw
How to Conquer Cooked Food Addiction in 30-Days Without Feeling Deprived

(PDF valued at $40.00)

The Raw Food Warrior Technique
Unlock the MIGHTY FORCE that OBLITERATES Bad Habits, Addictions and Cravings with Ease!
(PDF and MP3 audio file valued at $30.00)



Bonus Pack

1. How To Stay Raw When Everyone Else Around You Is Eating Cooked Food
(Live teleclass valued at $100.00)
Note: Class to be scheduled in the near future.

2. Think and Go Raw - Audio
The full audiobook with extra details.
(MP3 audio file valued at $20.00)

3. The Cravings Kill Switch
How to switch off cravings as easily as turning off a light.

(PDF valued at $20.00)

4. Bad Habit Puppet Master
How to manipulate bad habits as easily as a puppet master controls his puppet.

(PDF valued at $20.00)

5. The Anticraver Secret Recipe: My Never Fail Recipe for Beating Cooked Food Cravings Instantly
This my hearty, savory, satisfying and no overt fat raw food lunch or dinner recipe that obliterates cooked food cravings INSTANTLY!

(PDF valued at $30.00)

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